Customer Testimonials

Every bat I’ve purchased from you delivers at the plate!

As long as I can play this game, Dinger will be my only bat supplier and always a repeat customer. I would be purchasing more from you, but your bats last too long......LOL!

That bat lasted the entire season until i finally shredded it. Unreal! They have the best sweat spot of any wood I've swung and compares to nothing else. I really appreciate your service. Thanks for taking pride in making quality wood.

Silvester Cerbone

Using my 33.5 Flame Tempered Dinger! My all time favorite wood I've ever used in Baseball.... I've been playing in Melbourne for our Under 18 National Youth Tournament and have been using the Dinger Bats and Love them!

Sam Kennelly

As a Professional Hitting coach I have seen all many different brands of bats. Dinger Bats are among the best that I have seen! They are solid and well balanced and have great pop giving hitters confidence at the plate. Confidence is one of the greatest assets to a hitter in any situation. The guys at Dinger are committed to making quality bats for every hitter!

Derek Shelton
Hitting Coach, Tampa Bay

I have witnessed the Dinger bat company grow from its humble beginnings on the field in AA baseball in Jackson Tenn. thru hard work and great leadership, Dinger is now one of the best bats available. With the company's personal approach to a professional business they take take the bat industry to a higher level!

Bobby Dickerson
3rd Base Coach, Baltimore

I got it wrote into my contract this year... buy my bats from y'all this year. Bats saved my season and career... Thanks Again.

Palmer Karr Jr.

What I like about Dinger Bats is the quality wood they are made from, which allows the ball to jump off the bat and give a loud sound when the ball hits the sweet spot. They are well balanced and feel great in your hands. As soon as you pick up a Dinger, you know your holding a solid bat.

DJ Fitzgerald

As a high school coach with 37 years of experience, I have found Dinger bats to be of the highest quality. Their pricing is more than reasonable and their customer service is excellent. My players use the Dinger wood bats and find the quality, feel and balance of the bat to be superb.

I highly recommend Dinger bats for any programs use.

Clyde Metcalf
Head Coach of Sarasota High School