About Dinger Bats

The germination of Dinger Bats has been a constant thought of Kyle Drone’s for the past few years. It was a way to stay as close to the great game of baseball as possible. Fostered and encouraged, this seed of an idea grew, and with the help of family, Dinger Bats was born.

The very essence of the idea was that no matter what league you play in, or the level you play at, everyone could experience the same quality craftsmanship of maple wood that professional baseball players merit. This is where the M-Series was born. The M-Series was designed to give anyone the opportunity to hit with the very best wood available. There is no better maple on the market today.

Dinger offers players at every stage of the game our S3 assurance:

  1. Superior Wood
  2. Superior Craftsmanship
  3. Superior Customer Service

The S3 Assurance is exactly why players from little league to the Major League use and praise Dinger Bats!

Dinger Bats, located in Ridgway Illinois – a small town on the northern tip of the Shawnee National Forest.